What to get the beer enthusiast in your life for Christmas…

We all know that person. The one who is so into beer that you want to try to gift wrap a six-pack under the tree just to make him or her happy.  Well, before you gift wrap that six-pack (or twelve or case), here are a few ideas of perfect beer-related items to stuff the beer-lover’s stockings:

For the one who loves to talk about beer: Try a t-shirt that says “My Blood Type Is IPA” or “Fueled by Hops.” Shirts like that can start conversations where the beer lover can talk about different hop varietals and hopefully not scare anyone off, or simply help any future bartender know where to start with beer recommendations.

For the one who loves the freshest beer available: Try a new higher-end growler. While the normal growler may be a glass jar and the crowler may be a 32oz can, some newer growlers have features like vacuum-sealing and a tap to pour from! A vacuum-sealed growler will contain the least air possible and not oxidize (add oxygen and risk changing the flavor of) the beer. Some other growlers utilize a small amount carbon dioxide and allow for pouring from the growler in the same way you’d pour draft beer.

For the beer reader: Try books written about the Tampa Bay or Florida Craft Beer Scene. Books like Mark DeNote’s The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide and Tampa Bay Beer: A Heady History both provide historical information about Florida’s craft breweries and give a unique insight into the origins of Florida’s historical breweries.

For the person who has everything: Try gift cards – sometimes the best option is a gift card to somewhere like 99 Bottles. The staff at 99 Bottles can suggest an item, beers, or simply ensure that the beer selection is top-notch and there’s always something new and exciting on tap or in the can or bottle, so that the beer lover in your life has a great experience while enjoying his or her gift.

For anyone else – maybe it’s time to try that gift-wrapped six pack, twelve pack, fifteen pack, or case. Make sure you ask folks who are advocates and merchants of extraordinary liquid, like the team at 99 Bottles on Second Street. They may not have a bow, but they certainly have the beer and beer-themed items that will make this the hoppiest Christmas imaginable.

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