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99 Bottles is built as a craft beer experience unlike any other! From first pour until last call, we love to welcome you on your own experience of craft beer, boutique wines, and extraordinary liquids of the finest kind.


Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Real deal NY bagels -- par baked, flash frozen, shipped from New York and finished that morning in our oven -- and bagel sandwiches, wrapped in white butcher paper, just like you get from the corner bodega.


  • Rose
  • Red
  • Bubbles
  • White
Bodegas Borsao, Spain
berries, sweets, young & fresh, balanced acidity, 100%6 grenache
Lola Rose of Pinot Noir, California
vibrant with racy acidity, notes of strawberry & guava
Chateau d'Esclans Whispering Angel, Provence, France
truity nose tollowed by herbs & nutmeq, crisp & renned
Mont Gravet, France
Whole Grain Mustard Egg Salad | Watercress | Sweet Soy Vinaigrettefresh, fruit forward, dry... raspberry & blackberry, long on the palate
Domaine de Cala Prestige, Provence, France
floral & spicy nose, tastes of cherry & citrus, nice minerality
The Palm
light & crisp, notes of lemon & fresh flowers, broadly appealing
Lola North Coast Pinot Noir, California
raspberries, ripe plums, light body, dry finish
Sean Minor 4B Cabernet, California
wild strawberries, bright cherries, light oak
E. Guigal, Cotes du Rhone, France
black fruit & spices | full, round & sexy
Bodegas Volver Quinta del '67, Spain
notes of ripe dark berries, chocolate, licorke
Valle Reale Montelpulciano d'Abruzzo, Italy
blueberries, sweet spice, plenty acidic
Centerstone Pinot Noir, Oregon
simple yet decadent, lightly earthy, herbal, fruity, a bit tannic
Louis Martini Sonoma Cabernet, California
dark plums, black cherry, herbs, supple & juicy with a hint of acid
Elios Glou Glou, Italy
aka glug-glug! lower in alcohol, high in acidity, low in tannins | natural wine
Correas El Cipres Malbec, Argentina
notes of plum & raspberry, with a hint of vanilla & chocolate, soft & smooth
Ca Gialla Barbera d'Alba, Italy
full bodied & round, hints of red fruit and light acidity
Orin Swift Abstract Red Blend, California
berries, lavender, dark chocolate | big, yet, incredibly smooth
Marsuret Prosecco Brut, Italy
crisp & dry, notes of fresh golden apples & wild flowers
Veuve Clicquot Brut, Champagne, France
strength & silkiness- notes of yellow & white fruits, vanilla, fresh bread
Dom Perignon, Champagne, France
It's Dom, need we say more!
Juve & Camps Cava Brut Rose, Spain
strawberry & cherry notes, honey, toasted bread, floral
Cipriani Bellini, Italy
white peach pure + sparkling white wine = the ionic 1948 Venetian cocktail
Cattin Cremant d'Alsace, France
notes of green apple, citrus, toast with honey
Bollinger, Champagne, France
James Bond's champagne of choice...
Francois Montand Brut Rose, France
pink with a purple tinge, notes of dried cherries & raspberries, crisp & dry with lots of bubbles
Veuve Clicquot Rose, Champagne, France
fresh red berries, hints of almond & brioche
Ponga Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
vibrant grapefruit, fresh cut grass, zesty finish
Riff Pinot Grigio, Italy
clean, crisp, slightly acidic, mouth-watering finish
Carneros Highway Chardonnay, Sonoma, California
buttery, creamy, beautiful long & round finish
Raffatin Sancerre, France
well rounded, good balance between acidity and ripe white fruits
Cambria Katherine's Vineyard Chardonnay, California
notes of lemon zest & apple pie
Felsner Gruner Veltliner, Germany
notes of white peach, lemon & floral - young & juicy fresh with a long, crisp finish


for the best way to enjoy draft beer at home, order a crowler (32oz. can) or growler (64oz. jug) of you favorite draft beer to enjoy at home, by the pool, at the beach, on the boat, or take it to a friends house instead of a bottle of wine!

What is a Growler?

A growler is a container meant to store fresh draft beer. They come in 32, 64, 128, and occasionally 16-ounce varieties. They can look like a milk jug, a glass container, your dad’s work Thermos®, or a portable tap, there are as many different kinds of growlers as there are bottles on the wall!

What is a Crowler?

The word crowler is a compound word – mixing the words “can” and “growler.” A brewery out in Colorado several years ago teamed up with Ball metals to invent a can that could be put together on-the-spot, whenever someone wanted beer to go. Crowlers are light in weight, inexpensive to produce, and convenient single-use containers for taking home the taste of fresh
draft beer.

What is the difference between a growler/ crowler and beer in cans?

The most considerable difference between growlers and crowlers is that glass/ plastic growlers are re-usable and crowlers are only good for one fill. Remember that crowlers are like large beer cans, and growlers can be washed, sanitized, and re-sued. Both containers are recyclable, depending on local regulations on glass recycling.

Why does 99 Bottles have so many different growlers?

At 99 Bottles, we believe that taking home draft beer should be a personal experience, just like coming in to enjoy it! Depending on the commitment you want to make to bringing home draft beer, we have a growler to fit your individual needs. Ask our team about the growlers on the wall and they can tell you about each one and why it is suited for bringing home the draft beer experience.

How long is a growler/ crowler good for?

Individual results may vary, but the industry standard for a growler is similar to any fresh goods from breads to coffees to cupcakes – the longer you wait to enjoy, the greater the possibility the item may not be in optimal condition when opened. As for growlers, we encourage you to drink the crowler or growler within three days of bringing it home.

Why won’t you growler a beer on nitro?

In truth: because you don’t want us to. There is one particular tap of beer that we don’t put in growlers or crowlers because of the science of nitrogenating beers. Nitrogenated beers (like Guinness® or Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro) tend to let gas out of solution faster than beers with carbon dioxide (CO2). Because of that, the beer will likely be flat when you get it home – and neither of us wants that.