The Summer of Lager

There are no two ways about it. It’s hot out. This is the weather where we Floridians pay the price for mild winters with intense summers. We have been getting the question a lot – what beer goes well with the summer heat? Well, the answer goes back to something the German brewers figured out back in Europe – lagers go with everything. Every season, every occasion, every moment in life – there’s a lager for that. And in the case of summer, we are looking at some of the lightest and most refreshing lagers around.

King State Brewing Venue Kolsch from Tampa, Florida. While made like a lager, the Kolsch style of beer has a bit of a superpower – it’s light body and slight fruity notes are quite possibly the best beer style ever for summer swelter. 5.1% ABV and here for every degree the mercury increases, try this style if you don’t know what to drink because Kolsch never disappoints.

Off Site Brewing Super Good Lager from Miami, Florida. Quite possibly the most refreshing style of lager available, lagers like the 5.5% ABV Super Good have the addition of corn for some additional sweetness. Light in body and the perfect match to a summer like this, Super Good Lager lives up to its name anywhere the sun touches.

Ocean Park Pils from 3 Sons Brewing in Dania Beach, Floirda. A South Florida Original from Dania Beach’s 3 Sons Brewing, Ocean Park Pils has perfected the art of lager with this classic beer. Light in body and lots of pilsner malt flavor with the clean finish only a lager can bring. At 5% ABV, Ocean Park Pils is the perfect summer companion whether at the beach, on the dock, or on the patio at 99 Bottles.

Motorworks VTwin Vienna Lager from Bradenton, Florida. For all the cookout lovers, here is your next favorite beer. Vienna lagers are the perfect companion to hamburgers on the grill. The addition of Vienna malt to the clean flavor profile adds some sweet caramel and toasted barley to the savory flavor of grilled meats and offers a perfect culinary counterpoint. Of course, we’re not going to judge you if you decide to drink them by themselves or with friends either.

These are just a few examples to excite any palate for lagers, but the list is not meant to be exhaustive! Come down to 99 Bottles and let our beertenders know what your favorite lager is. We will pour you a pint or a half-liter! And if we don’t have it, then we can certainly recommend a new favorite or a small pour of something similar. Don’t let the summer swelter win the day, grab a lager today!

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