Sip and Savor Summertime at 99 Bottles

As Sarasota heads into the dog days of summer, more and more residents are searching for ways to stay cool, and a refreshing drink makes all the difference. At 99 Bottles Taproom and Bottle Shop, the staff is hard at work curating their top summer drink picks and recommending what meal best pairs with their flavors. Staff members Dylan Hauri, Megan Murphy and Bart Stucker share their favorite drink and meal pairings for this sizzling season.

“I’d recommend the 3 Sons Brewing Ocean Park Pilsner,” says Hauri. “A pilsner is a light, crisp and refreshing beer traditionally from Germany and the Czech Republic, but this one is from Miami.” He notes that the beer has a smidge of bitterness and a light consistency ideal for humid days with high temperatures. Because the drink has a low-alcohol content, 99 Bottles considers it to be “crushable,” a term that denotes a beverage one can enjoy all day long. This versatile pilsner can accompany many dishes, but Hauri suggests sampling it along with the eatery’s short rib flatbread or new sausage plate with house-made beer-honey mustard. “It’s a great beer because there are so many possible pairings,” he adds.

While Hauri’s pick is a classic ideal for a day at the ballpark, Murphy opts for an elegant Cap Royal Bordeaux blanc. “The Cap Royal is a French sauvignon blanc that is very refreshing and has delicious fruit and floral notes that are perfect for a hot day,” she says. “A French sauv blanc is going to have a little more minerality and earthiness to its tasting notes as compared to a New Zealand sauv blanc with which most white wine drinkers are familiar.” This elegant selection pops against the restaurant’s cheese and charcuterie boards, especially when sampled alongside the aged Gouda.

Guests at the establishment’s weekend New York bagel brunches will adore Bart Stucker’s pick, the Untitled Art Blackberry Agave Hard Seltzer, a beverage produced in Wisconsin for the state of Florida. “Imagine the delight of nice fresh fruit on a hot day. This gluten-friendly option has 100 percent natural fruit, low alcohol content and no unpleasant aftertaste. It’s great for taking to the beach,” he says. Pair this delightful drink with a New York-style cinnamon raisin bagel, trucked in from the Bronx and finished in-house, and a vibrant purple mixed berry cream cheese spread.

From classic pilsners to refreshing hard seltzers, 99 Bottles has a drink for anyone eager to take a sip out of summer and celebrate the season.


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