Have you enjoyed the 99 Bottles experience?

Yes, the beer is good, but, the experience is built by the staff…

It’s our team that makes the difference. It’s our not-so-secret ingredient. If you have been to 99 Bottles, you know that we strive to provide the best craft beer experience for our guests. While the idea for the place came from our owner, Mark, it would be nothing without our team. The group of people that makes 99 Bottles exist are a group unlike any in craft beer or in the hospitality industry. These folks fulfill our mission of bringing extraordinary liquid to our extraordinary customers. They believe in giving the best experience to anyone that walks in our door – from the novice to the nerd – and their exceptional service has put us on the map. It’s their knowledge and experience that earned us the nomination as one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s “Best Beer Shops in the U.S. According to the Pros” List. It’s their dedication that earns us regular local attention. It’s their service that puts us at the top of our customers minds, and we could not be more grateful. The team at 99 Bottles constantly amazes with what they do. And what they do is outwork everyone in the business because they, too, believe in what we’re doing. They love the product that we provide, and they transform the product we provide from serving food and beverages to providing an experience. Their hard work takes 99 Bottles from a regular bar or restaurant and makes it into an experience. They make pouring liquid for our guests look easy, but a look beyond shows that what they put into the experience makes it so much more for our customers.

What makes 99 Bottles a craft beer experience and not just another bar?

It’s the pride of our team and the fact that they believe in what we’re doing, and that’s the secret ingredient in every glass.

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