Beers for the Beach, a BBQ, or the Boat

Beers for the Outdoors

Summer is back and to the surprise of no one, the weather is reaching close to triple digits every single day that the rain doesn’t fall for hours and hours. This is the season for lighter beer not light beer – beer that balances flavor with mild to moderate alcohol content and pairs well with typical summer activities.

Here are a few beers to match with your favorite July activities in Florida:

Best Boat Beers:

American Pale Ales – Whether floating on a kayak or taking the motorboat for a spin, American pale ales take it to a new level by providing sweet malted barley and a serving of hops with every sip. Light and refreshing, these beers can be just what you want when surfacing from a dive or returning from a day of tubing. Try Prison Pals Brewing Americana or Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue.

Belgian Witbier – The sweet taste of citrus and subtle spice of a Belgian witbier can add another level to a day on the water. Generally light in alcohol and full of bready malt and sweet citrus, these beers were made to be out on the water. Try Allagash White or Cigar City Frost Proof.

Best Beach Beers:

Shandies – the story goes that there was a German barkeep at the bottom of a mountain and all of the cyclists would stop in for a beer after a long ride. One day, the bar was running low on beer and full of customers, so the owner combined half lemonade and half lager (or sometimes wheat beer) and half lemonade, and the rest is history. Try this lemonade-beer hybrid today and see why summer and lemonade are considered a heavenly match. Try Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy or Ottakringer Radler.

Helles Lager – Beaches are some of the hottest spots on the peninsula in summertime. The sun is reflecting off the sand and the water and there seems to be no relief in sight. Well, except the cooler full of crisp, clean lager that you happened to bring with you. These beers can quench thirst and add refreshment to any beach trip. Try Magnanimous Golden Rule or Huber Helles Lager.

Best BBQ Beers:

Brown Ales – one of the most versatile pairing beer styles, brown ales combine the power of roasted malt with some mild bitterness to pair well with most types of burgers and barbecue sauces. Try Brown Beer, Brown Beer What Do You See by Hourglass Brewing or Mastry’s Blind Pass Brown.

Amber Lagers – Amber lagers pair some roasted malts and the clean finish of a lager with any meats that a cookout can throw at them. Most porks, steaks, sausages, and hamburgers on the grill will become fast friends with an amber lager like Motorworks V-Twin Lager or Abita Amber.


Whatever your activity of choice, there is always a great beer to pair with it! Stop in to grab a six-pack, bottle, or growler of your choice on the way to the boat, beach, or barbecue! 99 Bottles has a beer for every activity. If you’re not sure which beer would go best, ask our knowledgeable team – they’ve been in your shoes, and they will always have some ideas to help choose from our selection.

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