The Pumpkin Beer Experience

Pumpkin beers have become a reality in the world of beer drinking. Like Oktoberfests, summer ales, and Christmas beers, pumpkin beers have their faithful followers and they’re here for their annual visit.

But rather than simply sipping on pumpkin beer or enjoying it in a shaker pint or frozen glass, let’s focus on enjoying pumpkin beer as it was meant to be enjoyed, and for the pumpkin-lovers, maybe try something a little extreme.

SO YOU DON’T LIKE PUMPKIN BEER. Give it another try. This time let’s factor in a few particulars.

  1. Have you tried pumpkin beer in a proper glass? One that was rinsed before service? One that was selected by the bar staff to give the optimal aroma and taste?
  2. Have you tried pumpkin beer in a fresh keg? One where the staff can tell you when and where the beer was brewed?
  3. Have you asked a knowledgeable bartender about what you don’t like in pumpkin beer? Maybe there’s a certain spice like clove or nutmeg or maybe a certain base beer you don’t like or an ingredient like vanilla that you do like. A knowledgeable bartender can help navigate those gourd-infested waters and help you to the best experience so you can at least say you gave pumpkin beer a fair shake.

At the end of the day if you’re simply testing pumpkin beers, then go for a 5oz pour. When you find one that changes your mind, then there will be plenty more where that came from.

SO YOU LOVE PUMPKIN BEER. How many pumpkin beers have you tried? Have you tried your pumpkin beer at 99 Bottles?

  1. Have you tried multiple pumpkin beers to establish which one is your favorite? Grab 5oz pours of Leaven Brewing’s Carriage Ride or Big Top’s Pumpkin Stiltskin just to make sure your tastes haven’t changed.
  2. Have you tried a pumpkin stout like Clown Shoes Pumpkin Sombrero? Have you tried a classic pumpkin ale like Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin?
  3. Are you a fan of coffee and pumpkin spiced lattes? Have you tried all of the offerings in this genre like 3 Sons Pumpkin Spice Latte or Prairie Basic Becca?
  4. How aromatic do you like your pumpkin spice? Do you enjoy the aroma or do you want one so aromatic that the people around you can smell it? Have you tried Tampa Bay Brewing Company’s Gourds Gone Wild or Southern Tier’s Pumpking?
  5. HAVE YOU TRIED YOUR PUMPKIN BEER THE 99 BOTTLES WAY? If you have a favorite and/or you simply must enjoy all the flavors of autumn together – 99 Bottles serves all the flavors up with a cinnamon sugar rim and a pumpkin glazed donut as a garnish.

Pumpkin beers don’t last forever – some are around barely long enough to get a few tastes and then they are gone. These beers are meant to be enjoyed fresh! As a matter of fact, instead of a store-bought pie or random bottle of wine, bring a few crowlers of pumpkin beer to this year’s Halloween party or Thanksgiving table.

When you find that pumpkin beer that has changed made you fall in love (see what we did there), take home a crowler or growler to share with loved ones. Ask our staff about the freshest ways to bring home your favorite pumpkin beer from 99 Bottles. After all, what is a great beer if it’s not shared with loved ones.

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