Florida Breweries All Grown Up!

Florida’s craft breweries are quickly growing up. Florida has rapidly risen from craft beer wasteland to craft beer powerhouse in less than a decade. For example, author Mark DeNote’s The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide was written in 2014 and lists about 93 craft breweries in the entire state of Florida. Here sit less than 10 years later and Tampa Bay has grown to as many breweries as the entire Sunshine State used to have.

Florida’s breweries are making beers that enthusiasts don’t just want to try, they want to seek out. They want to visit and try these beers for themselves. Beer lovers who don’t have a quick internet connection often miss out on bottle sales because of the hype and demand around many Florida breweries. While many of the big breweries are cranking out hits, there are a plethora of small, independent brewers who are flying under the radar and making amazing beer, just not a whole lot of it.

The team at 99 Bottles seeks out brewers like this and works to bring in their beer to the taps and bottle list. The team then works out a strong showing for these young breweries and everyone benefits, especially curious drinkers.

99 Bottles is bringing one of Florida’s most buzzworthy breweries to their taps Friday, March 24th at 5pm. Woven Water Brewing Company of Tampa Heights will be the next featured brewery. This new brewery has made waves with their hazy IPAs, they’ve engaged malt lovers with their barrel-aged barleywines and stouts, and they have made everyone ask for dessert with their smoothie and fruited sours. One of Florida’s most innovative new brewers doesn’t usually make house calls to Sarasota, so grab a beer with this young new brewery at 99 Bottles.

Our Team at 99 Bottles is always trying to bring you the best possible beers to enjoy while you’re here. We take our motto that we’re “advocates and merchants of extraordinary liquid” very seriously and would love to talk to you about these beers on your next visit! Come in and try our curated tap list, our wall of extraordinary bottles, or our wonderful wine list today (and our list of great beer books like The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide)!


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