Best Craft Beers for Dry January

Dry January doesn’t have to be dull January…we’ve got a selection of the best craft beers for dry january

Dry January just got a whole lot more exciting! Gone are the days of settling for dull and watered-down non-alcoholic beers – ring in 2024 as the era of flavor-packed, craveable non-alcoholic delights.

Back in the day, Dry January started as a simple experiment, a month-long break from alcohol. There were few non-alcoholic options, but most consisted of a watery lager that was not much better than water. Then along came Athletic Brewing, opening up a world of possibilities in January and beyond. Athletic Brewing designed an entire brewery around the idea of flavorful non-alcoholic beer. Every option they offer would be non-alcoholic – from a golden ale to an IPA to a hazy IPA and beyond. The brewery’s growth has been staggering – Athletic is the 13th largest craft brewery in the United States!

Fast forward to 2024, and many breweries have joined the movement. Dry January has now morphed into a journey of exploration as the idea of non-alcoholic beer continues to evolve.

At 99 Bottles, we’ve embarked on our own non-alcoholic odyssey, taste-testing and curating the best offerings to bring you the crème de la crème.

The four options that we chose to serve are:

Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn – a golden ale that’s not just a non-alcoholic alternative but a flagship offering that has won the hearts of many. Dedicated solely to non-alcoholic brews, Athletic Brewing is setting a new standard for approachable and delicious options.

Golden Road Brewing Non-alcoholic Mango Cart – a non-alcoholic rendition of their beloved fruit-inspired beer. Get ready for a burst of sweetness without a hint of alcohol, making it the perfect choice for those craving flavor without compromise.

Samuel Adams Just the Haze, a standalone non-alcoholic hazy IPA that’s a hop lover’s dream. Experience the full-bodied taste of a hazy IPA without the high alcohol by volume (ABV). It’s a game-changer for N/A beer enthusiasts.

Bravus Chocolate Peanut Butter Dark. If the thought of a liquid peanut butter cup in non-alcoholic beer form excites you, this one’s a must-try. Bravus, dedicated to crafting non-alcoholic masterpieces, is making waves with bold and flavorful options like this.

We also offer Untitled Art’s CBD Sparkling Water. We are huge fans of Untitled Art’s beer offerings, now their organic non-alcoholic CBD Sparkling Waters have sparked our interest during Dry January. With four flavors of strawberry, lemon-lime, grapefruit, and blackberry, and 20mg of hemp-derived CBD, exploring outside the beer world can still be flavorful and non-alcoholic.

And because we know choosing can be tough, our team of beer aficionados has this same selection available for you to take home with you.

Whether Dry January is a fleeting phase or a permanent lifestyle choice, make your way to 99 Bottles on 2nd Street in Sarasota. Dive into our curated tap list, explore our wall of extraordinary bottles, or bring the joy home with you. Your Dry January just got a whole lot tastier – come and enjoy some extraordinary liquids!

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