Gifts for Beer-Loving Dads

What to get Dad for Father’s Day? What do you do when your father figure likes beer? It’s not like you can just get him beer for Father’s Day, right? Boy, it would sure be nice to have the advice of your favorite merchant and advocate of extraordinary liquid… well, look no further!

How about a few ideas for gifting to the beer lover in your life?
First, why not get Dad beer? Whether it’s a few crowlers of fresh beer or cans and bottles of carefully selected beer, quality beer is better than any tie or socks. What does Dad usually drink? What is Dad’s favorite beer? Memorize the name or better yet, take a phone picture. Then come in to the shop and tell our beertenders what you need. Our staff at 99 Bottles specializes in great beer, and they will give you some outstanding choices.

Ok, so Dad enjoys beer, he’s sampled too many beers to count, and he’s a regular on Untappd.
Grab a copy of a beer history book like Mark DeNote’s The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide or Tampa Bay Beer: A Heady History. DeNote is a local to Tampa Bay and he talks about the history of each of Florida’s major historical breweries, including local breweries.

What if Dad just likes beer and wants to sample as many as he can?
Grab a mixed 4pack. Whether Dad prefers 16oz cans or 750mL largeformat bottles with a curated selection of bottles and growlerable draft beers, 99 Bottles can help select a few new beers for any paternal beer enthusiast.

What if Dad likes to travel and sample beers from other areas?
Buy Dad a reusable growler. Whether it looks like Dad’s old Thermos or a doublewalled and vacuumsealed, these vessels are designed to hold beer at its peak, especially for those who are looking for their next favorite beer. Beer is almost always at its best when its fresh from the taps, and growlers are designed in all shapes and sizes to keep at its best until consumed. 99 Bottles has the most diverse selection of growlers imaginable. Whether you’re looking to spend $20 or $200 or looking for a beerkeeper or a beerserver, Dad will never be without his shiny trusty growler.

What if Dad has all the beer and glassware you could imagine?
Get Dad a beer experience. 99 Bottles hosts local chefs and food nights regularly. Take Dad out during a special night 99 Bottles hosts beer and food specials each day. From Monday with crowler specials, Tuesday specials on sour beers, Wednesday IPA drafts, Thursday specials on steins, and Friday through the weekend a realdeal New York Bagel Brunch there is an experience on any night of the week with Dad’s name on it.

What if Dad has absolutely everything?
Well, there’s one thing we know most dads don’t have because there’s only so many of them: a Beer Locker Membership at 99 Bottles. These are our special, superlimited memberships where the lucky locker member gets surprise beers in his or her locker EACH MONTH, curated by our 99 Bottles team. No one knows from month to month
what will be available, but we know that the beer will be amazing. Ask our team if a Locker Membership is right for you, and if any are currently available.

Still can’t decide?
Buy Dad a gift card to redeem during one or many of these occasions. If you’re lucky, maybe you can join him and reap the rewards of your great idea! `

Any of these gifts are sure to make Dad’s day extra special. Come by 99 Bottles and our team can help pick out the perfect gift for even the pickiest Dad. Whatever gift you choose, enjoy the gift of great beer and good times with the man of the day.


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