5 Years of 99 Bottles

5 Years of 99 Bottles. We can’t believe it as it is written. 5 years of 99 Bottles. When we opened, we had ideas, we had a great team, then we had a pandemic. We got together, we supported each other and our community supported us. And, we came out on the other side.

As the days go by, and we think back to opening this place and think of everything we’re so proud of at 99 Bottles, we have a few thoughts. We are proudest of the team that we have assembled. Like The Avengers, when we put out the call for outstanding individuals to work here, the greatest team came together, and they all brought their A-Game and their passion for learning and exploring the world of beverages. Some have left us along the way, but, they will always have a place at 99…

We are proud to have made a place that you, our family, friends, and community, are proud of. We heard that loud and clear when Wine Enthusiast Magazine named us to their list of best beer bars in the country and when we earned various nods from our local publications, but we hear that the best when you decide to come back and make yourselves at home in our space…

We are proud of our continued exploration of food and drink. You can rest assured that no beverage winds up in here by happenstance. If it’s here, it is because our team feels like it is something great to drink. Whether it’s a beer that has a fun hop expression, sour quality, or big personality or a wine that is excellent but hard-to-find, or a hop water like no other we mean it when we say we are “advocates and merchants of extraordinary liquid.” And NY Bagels. Find somewhere else as dedicated to NY Bagels. We’ll wait…

We want to share everything that makes us unique with you. We would not be where we are without you, so we are going all out and It’s happening!!! We are celebrating five AWESOME years. And we are inviting you all to help us celebrate with a Block Party on April 13th from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. It’s our way of celebrating with our amazing customers, local community, and incredible staff. We wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for you all, so thank you!

Attendees can expect:
*Exclusive beers from our fave breweries
*Great bites from local food trucks
*Live music
*Special collaboration beer release

So that’s it. If you’re reading this, then please know we would not be here without you coming to share your drinks, your times, and your lives with us. For that we are grateful, and we promise that if you like us in our small space, wait until you see what we can do with a whole block!

Cheers to you and to five years.
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