40 feet of chilled beer at 99 Bottles(R) beer store

99 Bottles® specialty beer store carries beer crafted by Washington state nano and microbreweries, breweries throughout the United States of America, and imported beer from about 50 countries. Plus, we’ve got eight craft beers on tap for growler fills to-go!

99 Bottles is located in Federal Way, a suburb of Seattle and Tacoma in Washington state. At this candy store for adults you can select ales, lagers, and hard ciders, plus a few meads and handcrafted fruit sodas. Choose from over 1200 beers in stock at the time of your visit. And with all the seasonal, limited, and rotating releases, the store books have over 4000 unique SKUs. That’s a lot of beer!

99 Bottles also carries assorted beer glasses, brewery t-shirts, a handful of beer signs, and other brewerania. You can also pickup a 99 Bottles Gift Card for the beer lover in your life.

How does it work?

The simple answer: 99 Bottles is a specialty beer store. Like specialty wine shops, you can purchase individual bottles or choose multiples. You select your product and bring it to checkout — it’s that easy.

As you enter 99 Bottles, grab empty six-pack carriers on the table to your left, then start mixing your brew packs. Or, stake out a spot on the counter, start your pile-o-beer, and we’ll package it at checkout. In effort to keep everyone safe, please keep your carriers and beer either “in hand” or “on the counter”; avoid placing them on topply boxes or creating a trip hazard on the floor.

Each beer has a tag that tells you where the beer’s from (brewery, state, and country), its style, the bottle price and size, a flavor description, and alcohol by volume (ABV) when available. (Updates in progress!)

When you’re done shopping, step up to the “Checkout” counterside and present your bottles. We’ll line them up, scan them out, process your order (cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and 99 Bottles gift cards accepted), and package your order to-go.

Want a recommendation or feeling overwhelmed? Ask for assistance: Tell 99 Bottles the beers you typically drink, and get suggestions on other beers you may enjoy.

If you change your mind and no longer want a beer you selected, return it to its original location or hand it to one of our beer clerks for restock. This prevents other customers from getting confused about bottle prices, origin locations, and ensures that chilled beers remain cold.

How to order a growler

To order a growler, step up to the “Order Growlers” counterside and place your order. For information on what beers are on for fills, how much growlers and fills cost, and what type of jugs we fill, visit our GROWLER FILLS page.

How to order cases & kegs

To order cases and kegs, call or stop in. You must speak with a beer clerk; email and voicemail messages aren’t ordered. Keg information and pricing can be found on our keg list. You’re welcome to order multiple cases of any beer, cider, mead, or soda that comes into Washington state that has no in-store bottle limits. For more information, visit our SPECIAL ORDERS page.

Freshness is our priority

99 Bottles focuses on keeping beer at its freshest for you. UV light, radical temperature changes, and oxygen exposure are the three biggest contributors to shortening the life of beer. Hence, the store lights are equipped with UV filters and we strive to place green and clear bottled beers away from lights whenever possible. We also maintain the store at a consistent cool cellar-like temperature. On top of that, 99 Bottles brings in limited quantities whenever possible to ensure the freshest brews available are in stock. And for growler fills, we employ the Pegas CrafTap system, which pressurizes the beer fill with CO2, promoting longer storage life.

We’re a family friendly business

Because we’re a store, not a tavern, you’re welcome to bring your kids along on your shopping trip to 99 Bottles. To maintain a safe and pleasant environment, we expect parents to have their children abide by the following rules:

  1. Do not touch alcoholic products. Until they are legal drinking age, with proof of I.D., kids are not able to carry beer, mead, or cider in the store.
  2. Stay with their parents. This means no running or skating, no sitting in front of coolers or on boxes, and no playing with products.
  3. Use inside voices as not to disturb other shoppers.
  4. Keep hands off glass to keep our doors clean and prevent breakage of glasses & bottles. Parents will be held liable for any breakage caused by their children.

Please note, parents who allow their children to run wild, scream in the store, and carry alcoholic products may be asked to remove their children from the premises.