WICKED WEED Recurrant • Sour/Wild

WICKED WEED Recurrant • Sour/Wild

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16.9oz. bottle

7.7% abv

“Formerly of the Canvas Series, Recurrant is a deep, vibrant, red sour ale that begins its life by aging in freshly emptied cabernet barrels on over 1 pound per gallon of black currants. Here, patience and delicate blending create one of the most complex and wine-like beers in our portfolio.

The crimson kaleidoscope claimed Graigor nightly. Trembling and pressing the ring to his eye transported him into a prism of spinning color and euphoria. He clambered, metamorphosed, into the softly tilting complexity of amber and crimson. His curving claws clicked, two by two, as he fought to keep his grasp on reality. Each spinning layer enraptured him further, and each night his journey recurred, until slowly, insidiously, his metamorphosis became complete...”

from North Carolina