WICKED WEED Oaxacan • Sour/Wild

WICKED WEED Oaxacan • Sour/Wild

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16.9oz. bottle

7.1% abv

”Tequila Barrel-Aged Smoked Sour Ale with Grapefruit and Lime Zest

We took inspiration from the classic summertime cocktail that riffs on the Negroni. Oaxacan, (pronounced wah-hah-can) begins as an amber sour ale brewed with smoked malts. It’s then laid to rest in Organic Blue Agave Tequila Barrels with grapefruit and lime zest. When the beer reaches its peak complexity, it is then blended onto additional grapefruit to lend fresh citrus essence to this barrel-aged sour.”

from North Carolina