Can I rent a Party Pump Tap?

99 Bottles® beer store has a supply American Sankey (D System) and a limited supply of specialty taps (A System, S System, U System, Hoff Stephens) Party Pumps available for rent with kegs purchased from 99 Bottles. If you need to rent a Party Pump Tap with your purchase of kegged beer, place your reservation at time of Special Order.

I didn’t get my keg at 99 Bottles but need a tap…

If you’ve purchased your keg from another source and need a Party Pump Tap, consider purchasing one from a local homebrew shop, such as Larry’s Brewing Supply in Kent or The Beer Essentials in Tacoma, or buy one online from MicroMatic.

How to reserve a tap for rental

When placing your Special Order for a draft beer keg with 99 Bottles, be sure to ask to rent tap(s) if needed. When rental is requested, a Party Pump Tap is reserved for you from date of pickup thru the following Wednesday.

What does it cost to rent / lease a Party Pump Tap?

99 Bottles charges the following for Party Pump Tap Rental:

Tap Rental Fee
$15 per Party Pump Tap + tax

Rental Period: Due Wednesday following Rental Date

Tap Deposit
$50 per Party Pump

Though you are welcome to pay for the initial rental period + deposit in cash, a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) is required to rent Party Pump Tap(s) from 99 Bottles. All late fees will be applied to the credit card.


By renting tap(s) from 99 Bottles you agree to the following terms:

The renter agrees to not modify or damage the Party Pump Tap.

TAP RENTAL FEE: The rental fee is $15 + tax for the initial rental period. The Party Pump Tap is due back to 99 Bottles the Wednesday following the Rental Date. The rental week is not pro-rated into days.

LATE FEES: If the Party Pump Tap is not returned by the Wednesday immediately following the Rental Date, the Credit Card on file will be charged a Late Fee of $15 + tax the second Wednesday. This recurring Late Fee will be charged to the card each Wednesday, cannot be pro-rated to days, and occurs for a maximum of five (5) weeks. Should the tap not be returned after completion of the fifth week, the tap is purchased by the renter and the Credit Card is no longer charged. Should the renter’s Credit Card be declined during the rental period, and the renter has not return the tap within the five week period, 99 Bottles will submit the unpaid balance due to Collections.

TAP DEPOSIT: A $50 deposit is applied to each Party Pump Tap. Party pumps returned with parts missing or broken are subject to partial or no refund at the sole discretion of 99 Bottles. Should the renter not return the Party Pump Tap within five weeks of rental, the full Tap Deposit is forfeited to 99 Bottles.

Can I rent a specialty tap for my kegerator?

Sorry, 99 Bottles doesn’t rent specialty taps for home kegerators. If you need to purchase a specialty tap for your home kegerator, check out the selection of Keg Tap Couplers from MicroMatic.