Do you have kegs in stock?

Sorry, no; all kegs from 99 Bottles require advance order. If you need your keg today or tomorrow for an impromptu party, consider contacting a local brewery or give K’s Deli in Seattle’s Ballard district or Über Tavern in North Seattle a call to learn what’s available for immediate pickup. Please note, we have no affiliation with these businesses and cannot guarantee the freshness of their products.

100% of customer-requested kegs require special order from 99 Bottles® beer store. This assures you receive the freshest beer available from our suppliers and means you have the biggest selection possible.

Do all beers come in kegs?

Not all beers are available in kegs, but we have a list of about 1,200 choices. If the beer comes into Washington State, 99 Bottles can special order a keg for you. Some special release and seasonal kegs may be limited to taverns/pubs only and may not be available to consumers for home/party use. Should the kegged beer be available, we’ll do our best to get it in-store for you.

How much beer should I get for my party?

While that depends on how much your friends drink, certified party planners recommend an average of 3 beers per person. If you’re also serving wine and/or hard liquor, be sure to include these in your drink calculations. Though the groom may think he wants a lot of booze, realize that a wedding reception is not a “kegger.”

Calculate the number of drinking age attendees. Will you also be serving wine? ..spirits? How many of those drinkers will be having beer? Use that number to estimate the number of people to plan for, at 3 beers per person.

How much beer is in a keg?

ALL KEGS REQUIRE SPECIAL ORDER. Orders placed before Tuesday 3PM typically arrive Friday 4PM, subject to availability. Order in advance to reserve a spot for your keg.
Keg sizes and the beer offered in keg sizes vary; compare the keg size listed in the keg list to the chart below. Please be aware that few breweries offer all keg sizes.

Keg size Gallons Case Equivalent* Servings* Weight
Sixer keg
1/6 BBL or 20L
5.16 gallons 2-1/2 cases 55 55 pounds
Pony keg
1/4 BBL or 30L
7.75 gallons 3-1/2 cases 87 82 pounds
Half barrel
1/2 BBL
15.5 gallons 7 cases 165 161 pounds
50L import keg 13.2 gallons 6 cases 140 150 pounds

*Case equivalent: Twenty-four 12-oz bottles; serving size: 12 ounces — a full shaker pint glass.

Please be aware of your keg’s weight as you may require a friend to assist you removing it from your vehicle and transporting it to the final destination.

But I want to order a full barrel…

Kegs aren’t packaged in full barrel size. The largest size draft beer packaging is a half barrel, which is 15.5 gallons of beer and weighs over 160 pounds.

I’m picking up my keg in advance of my event. How should I store my keg?

Keep your keg chilled! Draft beer temperature is incredibly important. Unpasteurized beer should be maintained at 36–38°F; temperatures warmer than that will cause your beer to become foamy, with no beer flowing from the tap. Temperatures higher than 50°F can cause unpasteurized beer to become cloudy, sour, or grow bacteria. If you don’t have a cooler for your keg, be sure to keep it on ice!

What are the measurements of a keg?

If you need to know the measurements of a keg to make sure it fits in your kegerator or ice bucket, check out the “Draft Beer Keg Dimensions” guide on MicroMatic.

How much does a keg cost?

The price of draft beer depend on what you choose. Most sixer kegs start around $80, pony kegs start around $120, and half barrels start around $180. Imports are the most expensive due to costs to move keg shells across continents and oceans.

$ Price of Draft Beer (see estimates in the Keg Catalog) + tax
$45 Keg Deposit
$ Price of weekly Party Pump Tap Rental + tax + Deposit, if reserved

Note: Beer prices listed on the keg list are estimates only, subject to change. Suppliers adjust their prices based on pricing from breweries, transporters, and other logistics. 99 Bottles adjusts its prices based on supplier pricing; therefore, we won’t have an exact price for you until the keg is received at the store and checked into our system.

Can you tell me stock availability and pricing BEFORE I order?

Sorry, due to the number of inquiries not serious about placing orders, we don’t stock-check kegs with our suppliers until the order is firm, with credit card supplied. If you are requesting a known limited-availability or seasonal keg, we’ll request alternate choices at time of order.

Due to the volume of calls inquiring about keg prices, we often point people back to our website for estimate pricing. The prices on the keg list are estimates only, and we will not know the exact pricing until the keg arrives from the supplier. If you need exact pricing, please request that be provided with your “keg is ready to pick-up” notification. If you are viewing this page to obtain self-estimate, please note that in addition to the estimate keg price (cost of beer) on the list, a keg shell deposit is required for each keg ($45 per keg).

If you need a way to access your beer, you may request to rent a hand-pump party taps. Washington State sales tax is applied to the cost of beer and rental fees. All pricing provided prior to sales are estimates only; 99 Bottles’s pricing is subject to supplier cost adjustments. The deposits are available for refund when the tap and keg shell are returned in good condition, with registration sticker intact.

Why do you sometimes limit the number of orders accepted for the weekend?

Kegs must be stored in a refrigerated environment, and Bottles specialty beer store has limited cold storage space. Thus, there will be times when all available spots have been booked and we cannot accept further keg orders for the weekend. If you require a keg during popular party holidays (e.g., Independence Day, Halloween) or wedding dates (e.g., June, October), be sure to place your special order a few weeks in advance. Storage space is granted to the earliest orders received. Once the space is full, no further orders will be accepted, despite being requested in the normal advance order timeframe. Sorry, we just don’t have enough space for everyone’s kegs.

Can I get a discount?

99 Bottles offers the following discount on draft beer purchases: 99 Bottles Club Members receive 10% off the price of kegged beer. This discount excludes keg deposits, tap deposits, and tap rental fees.

What is the keg deposit and why must I pay it?

The keg deposit for each shell is $45. It is important that you realize you are purchasing the beer inside the keg, not the shell itself. A keg deposit is NOT a purchase fee, it is a deposit required by the brewery to assure their kegs are returned in working condition. Keg shells cost breweries money. Years ago folks stopped started selling shells for scrap rather than returning them to the brewery. The deposit is more than the scrap price, and helps ensure that the keg will be returned to the brewery for re-use. If you are ordering a keg from 99 Bottles, please realize that you are LEASING the keg shell from the brewery and are PURCHASING the beer inside. All shells must be returned.

Prompt return of a keg shell (within 3 months) is strongly encouraged. 99 Bottles reserves the right to refuse future keg sales to anyone violating return and rental policies.

If you have a keg shell and want to swap it rather than pay the deposit, this may be possible.

Why do you require a credit card in advance?

Your credit card number (VISA, MasterCard, Discover) is required when placing a keg order. When ordering your keg, we financially invest in the keg for you. Unfortunately, several individuals abused our previous “goodwill trust policy” by abandoning their orders, resulting in a financial loss to our business. Hence, 99 Bottles requires valid credit card information at time of keg order.

Do I need any accessories?

To access the beer in the keg, you’ll need a tap. If you’re purchasing kegged beer from 99 Bottles you may reserve a Party Pump Tap to rent. If you don’t have a kegerator, you’ll also need a large bucket and lots of ice to keep your keg chilled. Beers must be kept properly chilled to keep foam at a minimum.

What is required at time of purchase/pickup?

The purchaser must present a form of valid ID with payment at time of pickup, plus information necessary to complete the Washington State “Keg Registration Declaration and Receipt” form: The current address of the purchaser, the address where the keg will be served, and the address of any temporary storage location for the keg.

Please note that the person picking up the keg must sign agreement to the following terms, which are enforceable under Washington State law:

I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington: That I am 21 or older; That I will not allow persons under 21 to consume this beverage; That I will not remove or obliterate the sticker or allow it’s removal or obliteration; and, That the above address at which this keg will be consumed and located is the true and correct address.

If you are sending in a friend or relative to pick up your keg order, please be sure that they agree with the responsibility encompassed in these terms. Some have sent friends who refuse to sign once they realize they will be legally responsible for all consuming from the keg.

I’m sending a friend to pickup the keg. Can you run my credit card?

Beer is a controlled substance, so we can only run your credit card if you have provided your I.D. for age verification in advance. If you intend for us to process your credit card when another party picks up your keg, be sure to let us know at time of order placement so that we can make a photocopy of your I.D. The zip code on your I.D. must match the zip code of your credit card’s billing address. You’ll also need to provide the name of the person picking up your keg.

Please make sure the person you’ve designated to pick up the keg is comfortable signing the Keg Registration, which designates them as the responsible party for all persons drinking the beer/cider in the keg. Due to State Liquor Laws, 99 Bottles cannot release keg(s) without signature.

Can I get a refund for unconsumed beer?

No. All sales are final on beer; no returns or exchanges. Even if the keg is returned partially or fully filled with beer, only the keg deposit is refundable. Beer is a perishable food item — we have no control how its purchaser treated it, so it is unsaleable upon return. Any unused beer remaining in the keg is discarded upon return to the brewery.

I have a keg shell that I didn’t lease from 99 Bottles. Will you take it?

That depends on the brand and condition of keg, and whether the Keg Registration sticker is present on the keg. If there is no Washington State registration, we are unable to take the keg. If the keg is in good condition, with all parts intact, and is a brand that we offer, we may be able to provide a cash deposit refund or use it as a trade-in for your keg deposit.

How do I set my CO2 regulator for an optimal draft pour?

Check out the Q&A on What pressure do I need to set the CO2 beer regulator at?

Other keg questions?

Check out the FAQs about draft beer on MicroMatic’s Web site or contact 99 Bottles.