How do I order cases from 99 Bottles® beer store?

See our Special Orders page for information on how to place a special order, terms of order, and other notes.

Can I order ANY beer, cider or mead from 99 Bottles?

If the beer comes into Washington State with no allocations applied, 99 Bottles can special order full cases for you. Some breweries offer their beer to Washington State beer stores; others do not. Should the beer be available to us, we’ll certainly do our best to get it in-store for you.

I need a case ASAP! Can you help?

If you need cases immediately for an impromptu party, you may request to buy out what’s in-stock at 99 Bottles, though limitations may be applied as not to short regular customers.

Can I get a case discount?

Case discounts will be applied to full brewery cases; mixed cases are charged by the bottle.

General Public
5% savings on brewery cases
99 Bottles Club Member
10% savings on brewery cases

How much beer should I get for my party?

While that depends on how much your friends drink, certified party planners recommend an average of 3 beers per person. If you’re also serving wine and/or hard liquor, be sure to include these in your drink calculations.

Can you tell me stock availability and pricing BEFORE I order?

Sorry, due to the number of inquiries not serious about placing orders, we don’t stock-check cases with our suppliers until the order is firm, with Credit Card supplied. If you are requesting a cases of a rotating or seasonal beer toward the end of the run/season, we may request alternate choices at time of order.

All pricing provided prior to sales are estimates only; 99 Bottles’s pricing is subject to supplier cost adjustments. If you need exact pricing, please request that be provided with your “case(s) are ready to pick-up” notification. Washington State sales tax is applied to the cost of beer.