Need a keg? Advance order specialty draft beers from 99 Bottles.

If you need kegs of draft beer, or to bulk-purchase cases, place a Special Order with 99 Bottles® beer store.

View our keg catalog; prices are estimates.99 Bottles works with over twenty suppliers to get beer for you. The specialty beer store has limited storage space, so most beers are brought in a case at a time for mix pack sales. If you need full cases or draft kegs of your favorite beer for a BBQ, wedding, birthday, holiday or themed party or just to have around the house, be sure to order in advance. Brewery packaged cases can be ordered for nearly anything we stock, subject to allocations. For kegs, check out the keg catalog list to order from. All special orders are subject to supplier inventory; all prices subject to change.

To open this PDF Special Order Keg Catalog file, Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed. If you do not yet have this software installed, download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Need a keg? There are over 1,200 possibilities on the 99 Bottles keg list. Cooler space is limited, so get your order in early! All kegs require advance order.

How special order cases & kegs from 99 Bottles

Be prepared with the following information when stopping by or calling in to Special Order beer kegs / cases from 99 Bottles:

  1. Date you want to pickup your beer.
    See “When to Order By” for weekly deadlines and limitations…sorry, no exceptions.
  2. The name of the brewery & beer you want, plus keg size(s) or number of cases.
    If you’re renting a keg: Do you need to rent a Party Pump Tap?
  3. Your name (first/last).
  4. Your phone number for Notification.
  5. Your Credit Card Number (Visa, MasterCard, Discover); see TERMS OF SPECIAL ORDER.

To place a Special Order by phone…

…call (253) 838-2558 to place a Special Order; please be prepared with your order info. Messages left on the 99 Bottles voice mail or sent via email aren’t considered orders. You must speak with a 99 Bottles employee during business hours to place your order. If calling and you don’t get through the first time, try again as we are likely assisting in-store customers. All Special Orders placed via phone with on in person at 99 Bottles are subject to the TERMS OF SPECIAL ORDER stated on this page.


By placing a Special Order to 99 Bottles, you agree to the following terms. Kegged beer and multiple case Special Orders submitted without without a Credit Card will not be placed.

CASE ORDERS: I agree to pick up the ordered case(s) within seven (7) days of notification date. On the 8th day, all case(s) remaining at 99 Bottles are considered Abandoned. Abandoned cases are subject to an Restock Fee of 10% of the case retail sales price, plus tax. The Restock Fee will be charged to the Credit Card for the Abandoned Special Order Case(s). Restock Fees cannot be transferred or reapplied.

KEG ORDERS: I agree to pick up the ordered keg(s) on/by the Tuesday immediately following the notification date. On Wednesday morning, keg(s) remaining at 99 Bottles are considered Abandoned. Abandoned kegs are subject to a Convenience Fee of 60% of the keg retail price, plus tax. The Convenience fee will be charged to the Credit Card for the Abandoned Special Order Kegs. Convenience Fees cannot be transferred or reapplied.

NOTIFICATION DATE: The date of order notification occurs when 99 Bottles calls the contact number provided by the customer. Notification may be by phone voice mail, message left with a third-party at that number, contact with the customer, or two attempts to contact that have no ability for message. The dates are recorded by 99 Bottles staff at time of notification.

CANCELLATIONS: You may cancel any Special Order PRIOR TO the weekly Order Cutoff time (3:00 p.m. Tuesday; see “When to order beer kegs & cases” table below). Special Orders cannot be canceled after that time without being subject to abandonment fee, i.e., case Restock Fee and/or keg Convenience Fee, as applicable.

When to order beer kegs & cases

Place special orders for beer kegs and cases to provide time for in-store arrival. Special Orders must be placed before the weekly Order Cutoff. All beer is subject to supplier availability; should your first choice not be available, we will contact you for alternate choices.

Pick-Up Order On Order Due Order Limitations
Monday 7+ days in advance Some products have longer lead times due to logistics & seasonality.



  • Order cutoff. Weekend orders are due before 3:00 p.m. Tuesday. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Storage availability. Cooler space is limited. Place your order well in advance to reserve a spot for your keg!
  • Supplier availability. Should your ordered item be out of stock, 99 Bottles will contact you for an alternate choice or see if you’d like to re-order the following week.

Tuesday 8+ days in advance
Wednesday 10+ days in advance
Thursday 11+ days in advance
Friday, BEFORE 4:00 p.m. 12+ days in advance
Friday, AFTER 4:00 p.m. 4+ days in advance
Saturday 5+ days in advance
Sunday 6+ days in advance

We offer ZERO kegs on-demand. Each of the thousands of beer kegs available via 99 Bottles require advance order so that we can acquire the freshest available from our suppliers’ cold storage rooms for you. If you need a keg for the weekend get your order in BEFORE 3:00 p.m. Tuesday. Don’t delay!