Want growler fills at your bottle shop? Write your state senator!

Finally! A bill is in review that’ll help small beer shops like ours. We ask that you take a few minutes to contact your state legislators and ask for them to vote YES on SB 5711.

Please feel free to copy & modify the following letter as you see fit.

Find your state legislator.

Dear Senator,

Current law allows Beer & Wine Specialty Shop licensees to sell beer for off-premises consumption in original brewery packaging. However, it allows taverns and brewpubs to fill growler jugs.

SB 5711 would allow my local Specialty Beer Store to expand their offerings to include growlers. Growlers are small containers that are filled at the business location from beer kegs, capped and sealed for at-home serving. Growlers give small beer stores an advantage by allowing them to represent breweries that don’t have bottling capabilities. And it gives small Washington breweries an advantage by being able to offer their product for at-home consumption. By approving this bill, the State would also receive a new tax revenue stream.

I believe in safe & responsible consumption of alcohol. By forcing specialty beer stores to change business models to become an on-site drinking premise simply to offer growlers, there is a forced higher liability on the business and the businessowner, as well as a demoralization of beer by changing their establishments to 21-and-over-only.

Please support my local Specialty Beer Store by granting them the privilege of filling and sealing growlers for in-home use. Vote yes on SB 5711.

Please support small Washington breweries who do not have the capital to expand into canning or bottling. Vote yes on SB 5711.

Support a new tax revenue stream for the state. Vote yes on SB 5711.

Thank you.

Tiffany Adamowski

99 Bottles
35002 Pacific Hwy S, A102
Federal Way, WA 98003


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