There are many questions that 99 Bottles® beer stewards are asked a lot. Here’s a list of them, and their answers.

Do you ship beer?

No. Due to the complexities of obtaining annual State-by-State alcohol licenses, legal formalities, accounting, and shipping logistics, 99 Bottles doesn’t ship beer.

Visit 99 Bottles beer store on your next trip to Washington and transport unique beers home with you. In good traffic, we’re just 20 minutes south of SeaTac airport.

Do you sell gift cards online?

Yes. 99 Bottles offers gift card purchases online via PayPal. Please note, gift cards are for in-store use only.

How many beers do you have?

We maintain an in-store inventory of over 1,200 beers, plus cider and mead. With the rotating, seasonal, and one-off beers, there are over 4,000 beers on the books.

Can you get a beer for me?

Yes, if it is available in Washington State.

As a continuation of laws from the Prohibition-era, all alcoholic beverages (including beer) are subject to Federal and State laws. To be imported into the United States, a beer must be represented by a U.S. importer, with labeling approved by the Federal government, and to be sold in Washington State the beer must have a Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB)-licensed distributor. Hence, 99 Bottles can only get the beer if it is available thru a Washington State-licensed beer distributor.

If you don’t see your beer in store, tell us what you’re looking for. If the beer is available in Washington state, it’s likely that we can order it for you. (Beers not regularly stocked by 99 Bottles require full case purchase.) 99 Bottles keeps a list of beer requests, and periodically forwards that list to our Washington importer-distributor contacts for consideration.

Frequently requested beers that aren’t available in Washington State include: 3 Floyds, The Alchemist, Bell’s, Brooklyn, Cigar City, Kern, Founders, New Glarus, Russian River, Schlafly, Sixpoint, Surly, Yuengling, and Westvleteren. Sorry, we cannot attain these beers for you. Pick them up while traveling and transport them home with you.

Why isn’t this beer in Washington state?

While we can speculate as to the reason a beer may not be available in Washington, the best way for you to find out is to contact the brewery directly.

Generally the answer has to do with “supply & demand” or “cost effectiveness” for the brewery. Some small breweries only sell and distribute beer in their locale; others may not find it cost-effective to export beer to Washington State. Some beers are simply draft-only products and aren’t offered in bottles. Sometimes the beer may have once been available in Washington but was dropped by its importer or distributor due to insufficient brand support.

Do you import beer?

No. 99 Bottles is a specialty beer store (retailer). In the United States it is illegal for retailers to import or distribute beer.

Do you fill kegs?

No. Beer kegs are filled at breweries. 99 Bottles is a specialty beer store; we can order prefilled kegs for you. If you have a corny keg and want it filled, contact a local brewery.

How fresh is the beer?

99 Bottles maintains beer at its freshest by providing an optimal beer environment. Light, temperature, and oxygen shorten the life of beer. That’s why the lights at 99 Bottles are shielded with UV-filters and temperatures are maintained at constant cool levels. 99 Bottles also regularly rotates its stock and brings in small quantities, ensuring quick rotation of beers that have shorter lifespans.

If freshness is a concern, consider purchasing local Washington-brewed beer as it has the smallest travel footprint to reach the store. Imported beers can take weeks to reach the United States via ship and often have long wait periods in warehouse settings.

Some ales are cellerable and improve with age. 99 Bottles maintains the store at a cool temperature, so these bottles are cellar-ready.

Do you carry gluten-free beer?

Yes. 99 Bottles carries several gluten-free beers that are made from ingredients such as sorghum, chestnuts, sweet potatoes; plus a few deglutenized beers. Most hard ciders are also gluten-free. Some people with gluten allergies may be able to drink oatmeal stouts; check with your doctor.

Can I drink at 99 Bottles?

You are welcome to order a Flight of Four while visiting 99 Bottles beer store. The majority of beers for sale at 99 Bottles are for off-site consumption only, so you can drink your beer safely at home.

Can I buy more than one bottle?

Yes! At 99 Bottles, all beer is priced by the bottle, giving you the convenience of choosing singles and mixing your packs. If you want more than one bottle of a specific label, just pull them from the shelf or ask for assistance. You are welcome to purchase as much as we have in stock or Special Order full cases.

Do I get a discount for buying six?

The price of a six-pack of one label is six times the bottle price. Discounts are given on brewery-packaged cases.

Can I get a case of my favorite beer?

99 Bottles typically brings in each beer a case at a time, providing you with the freshest beer available. While we’ll sell you what’s available at the store, we cannot guarantee a full case will be in stock at the time of your visit. Hence, if you know in advance that you’ll want a full case of a specific beer, you are encouraged to place case orders in advance. All orders are subject to distributor availability; please keep in mind that out-of-stocks may occur at the distributor level, for which 99 Bottles has no control.

What kind of beer can I order?

Most beer carried by 99 Bottles can be ordered in full cases. Seasonal beers can be ordered during their release period; sorry, we cannot get out-of-season beers for you. Rare and limited release beers may have bottle limits and may not be available as full cases.

Is there a discount for full cases?

Yes. 99 Bottles offers a 5% discount on brewery-packaged cases. 99 Bottles Club Members receive 10% discount on their brewery-packaged cases.

How much beer comes in a case?

It depends on the bottle size and brand. While a few brands package 6, 8, 9, or 15 bottles per case; most brands follow these guidelines:

Bottle Size Case Qty
11.2 oz 24 bottles
12 oz 24 bottles
16 oz 24 cans
16.9 oz 20 bottles
22 oz 12 bottles
25.4 oz 12 bottles
32 oz 12 bottles
64 oz 6 growlers (of one kind)
5 liter typically 2 minikegs per case; sometimes 4 minikegs per case

Do you sell kegs?

Yes. All kegs are available on an advance order basis. Most orders placed prior to Tuesday 3:00 p.m. generally arrive on/by Friday at 4:00 p.m.; some brands have longer lead times. All orders are subject to availability from our distributors. Check our Special Order section for keg information.

Occasionally you’ll see table-top 5L party barrels are on the counter at 99 Bottles beer store. When ordering 5L party barrels, keep in mind that some have long lead times or rotating availability — ask at the store for details.

Can you meet or beat the prices of big box liquor and grocery chain stores?

99 Bottles doesn’t barter or haggle. While we strive to keep margins low and competitive, 99 Bottles carry a limited variety of products — essentially just beer and brewerania — in comparison, big box retailers have thousands of varieties of products to offset their beer prices.

Many of our customers and beer connoisseurs have told us that we’re on-par for pricing, and that our prices are often 5–10% lower than other Northwest specialty beer stores.

How much money is left on my gift card?

On the back of your gift card is a toll-free phone number and a card ID number. Just call the number and follow the instructions to get the balance available on your gift card.

Will you cash out my gift card?

99 Bottles beer store complies with Washington’s gift card law, which allows you to cash out when the balance drops to $5 or less.

Is this a 99-cent store? Where’s the 99-cent beer?

99 Bottles is a specialty beer store, not a 99-cent store! The name “99 Bottles” is in reference to the song: “99 Bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…” Listen to the song.

Are you a franchise?

No. 99 Bottles is an independent, local family owned and operated beer store. Thank you for supporting our small business and telling your friends nice things about our shop.

I like your concept. Can I open a 99 Bottles beer store, or invest in the concept?

Investors, direct serious inquiries only to 99 Bottles’s designated agent:
Snure Law Office, P.S.C.
612 South 227th Street
Des Moines, WA 98198-6826

No franchisee inquiries.

Are you hiring?

99 Bottles welcomes your application and keeps those from qualified candidates on file. Should we need additional help, we always look first to the applications on hand prior to posting the position. Check out our Employment page, and if you think you’re the right beer clerk for us, drop off your completed application.

Incomplete applications and resumes-only will not be considered.