When 99 Bottles® opened in 2007, our customers said, “Hey, we’d like some type of loyalty program.” We agreed. After visiting with several regulars and thinking about how to tie the program back into “99 Bottles,” we came up with the 99 Bottles Club.

To join the club, get a 99 Bottles Club punch card, present the card for punches with each bottle* purchase, and once all 99 bottles are punched you’re a member of the 99 Bottles Club. It’s that easy! And there’s no time limit.

December 10, 2016 is the last day to redeem awards for completed club cards.

99 Bottles Club Card

The Benefits

99 Bottles Club members receive the following rewards for each card completed:

For each card completed, choose any ONE of these items, subject to whatever is available at time of card completion:

  • Beer glass priced at $12 or under (no redeemable cash value)
  • Empty beer growler priced at $12 or under (no redeemable cash value)
  • Two tasting tickets for 99 Bottles beer tastings*
  • Growler taste card (redeemable for 12 tastes off the growler fill station)*

*Subject to compliance with Washington State Liquor Laws: limit to 10 ounces (5 samples) per person daily

Upon completion of first card, you’re eligible for the following specials as a club member

  • 10% savings on kegs and brewery-packaged cases
  • 10% savings on on-demand brewery-packaged cases
  • Special email savings sent exclusively to 99 Bottles Club Members (must also be a subscriber to The Weekly Brews to receive these notifications)

99 Bottles Shirts

99 Bottles ran a new LIMITED EDITION shirt print run each year, spring 2007 through summer 2014. Previous shirts are no longer printed. Available only for a short time, and club shirts always go fast!

99 Bottles t-shirt history: v.1 was available for purchase and to club members; v.2 – v.8 exclusively for club members only.

99 Bottles Bags and Caps

Limited edition bottle bag or baseball cap available winter 2011 through spring 2015.

The Rules

Yep, every club has its rules. Here are the 99 Bottles Club rules…

To become a member of the 99 Bottles club, you must complete a 99 Bottles Club punch card. The punch card has 99 bottles: ten 6-packs and 39 bottles. The six packs are on there just to help us quickly punch thru your card. You’re welcome to always purchase singles; once your singles are completed we’ll ask if you want us to convert it into six pack punches or learn if you’d like to carry a second card.

Completion of a card requires punches* of all 99 bottles. Starting a card doesn’t make you a member. You get punches by presenting the card at time of purchase. Sorry, no retroactive punches because we have no way of telling from a receipt whether you’ve received punches. If you forgot or misplaced your card, grab another to continue; we’ll gladly combine cards once you find the other(s).

*Goods that get you punches

Card punches are given for beer (including nonalcoholic and dog beer!), hard cider, mead, brewery sauces, and bottled digestives.

Purchase of Number of punches
Any size single bottle/can, up to 33.5-oz size One bottle
Any six bottles/cans 6 pack
64-oz growler jug or magnum bottle Two bottles
3L bottle One 6 pack
5L party barrel One 6 pack
Methusalah bottle Two 6 packs
1/6BBL keg Four 6 packs
1/4BBL keg Six 6 packs
1/2BBL keg Eight 6 packs

Card punches are NOT granted for gift cards, t-shirts and other clothing, glassware or other empty containers, magazines, or other brewerania.

Carry your card with you

Present your card at time of purchase. 99 Bottles is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, nor any other form of, missing cards.

I forgot my card… I just learned about the club…

Each prospective member must present card for punches at time of purchase. Sorry, no retroactive punches. If you forget your card, start another &#8212 you can always have us combine your multiple cards later.

If you just learned about the club, it’s time to get started!

One member per card

If you’re working on a card together, that’s great! It’ll get you through the card faster, but keep in mind that it is one member per card. That means you have decide among yourselves who gets the first membership. Membership benefits apply only to the person named on the card.

If you’re a husband/wife team with multiple cards, we suggest that one of the cards be placed in the other’s name so they can also enjoy the benefits of membership (i.e., Club Days discounts only apply to the named 99 Bottles Club member).

Rules are subject to change, but are always maintained on this page of our website.
99 Bottles Club Policy last revised: May 16, 2015.


When do benefits start?

Only after all 99 bottles have been punched on your 99 Bottles Club card do membership benefits begin. If you reach your 99th punch at the time of purchasing brewery-packaged full cases or kegs, we’ll give you the club discount on those items!

Do members get free beer?

No. The Washington State Liquor Control Board prohibits retail stores from giving away free beer.

I forgot my card. Can I get retroactive punches?

Sorry, no. The card must be presented at time of purchase. If you forget your card, start another. We will gladly combine multiple cards on a future visit. If you chose not to start another card, please don’t bother trying to get retroactive punches with a receipt. The receipt gives us no way to confirm if punches were/weren’t granted.

No one told me about the club!!

The club information has been posted on the counter at 99 Bottles and on the Web site since April 11, 2007. We are not responsible for notifying every individual about the club punch card and its benefits.

If you just learned about the club and would like to participate, it’s time to get started!

How long do I have to complete the card?

As long as you like. Some folks take months to complete their card, others take years. We’ve even seen a few finished on the same day they started.

Does the membership expire?

There is no expiration date. We expect the club will be active the entire time we own and operate 99 Bottles.
Membership expires when the business closes on December 10, 2016.

I’m moving out of state. Can I transfer my membership to a friend?

Sorry, no.

When will you have shirts?

Shirts are available on very small limited runs and are subject to our marketing budget availability. If you want shirts available on regular basis, help us increase our customer base — our marketing budget has taken a big hit since Washington State privatized liquor laws and the megacorporation liquor chains have come into the State. We need a minimum 15% market regrowth to reinstate the budget for club shirts.

I’m a multiple card holder; can I apply the $12 toward something else?

There is “no cash value.” This means your choice upon finishing card two…three…and beyond is either a 99 Bottles shirt or any glass priced at $12 or under, including ready-to-fill growler jugs. This value is not treated as cash and, therefore, cannot be “put toward” any purchase.

I want a specific glass, can you waitlist me for it?

As our glass selection frequently rotates, we’re happy to mark your membership with an “IOU” until you see a glass on our shelves that suits your fancy. Please be advised that we don’t special order glasses and cannot guarantee the acquisition of a specific glass for you…you’ll need to eventually choose from what’s on the shelves.

Please note, all IOUs must be redeemed by December 10, 2016 and require selection from items currently available in-store. IOUs not redeemed by that date are forfeited.

Will you keep/store my card at the store?

No. You are responsible for keeping track of your own 99 Bottles Club card.

But I used to have a card on file…

Back in 2007, 99 Bottles stored cards in one box, which quickly grew to three by early 2009, and was still growing. Due to the number of complaints and bottlenecks created at checkout, 99 Bottles ceased keeping cards on December 31, 2009. The notice of this change in storage policy was posted on the boxes, on our website and facebook pages, and in the store’s newsletter from January 11, 2009 until December 31, 2009. We felt a full year was sufficient notice to give our regular visitors ample time to take their card with them. The specific wording used was, “Take your card with you. Cards remaining after 12/31/09 will be destroyed.” Those asking for their cards through 1/31/10 were offered them, and after that time, the remaining cards were considered abandoned and were destroyed. If you didn’t visit the store and claim your card during those 12 months, we realize you feel a loss.

As many have asked for clarification on why we ceased storing cards in the dex boxes, we’ll answer that question here:

There were not only complaints from those choosing to keep their cards in the boxes, but there was verbal abuse in the form of cussing, and physical abuse in the form of customers slamming the boxes across the counter at our employees. Yes, abuse despite the CHOICE to keep it with them or leave it to search for. Though we started the “storing cards” in GOOD WILL, it went terribly wrong. Hence, no dex = no abuse. If you remember digging through the dex to find your card, you’ll recall how big the stack was under some last names, and that people would get confused as to whether to put their card by first name, last name, before or after the letter. We were finding ourselves taking time to regularly alpha-sort and delay checkout to help people find their cards. It was a bit of a nightmare. Hence, no dex digging = quicker checkout process. We appreciate your understanding behind our decision to cease holding cards in process.

Some folks now ask, “Why don’t you move it all onto the computer?” We are in the process of getting all 99 Bottles Club members in our checkout system, and creating the ability to offer special member-only discounts. Stay tuned for info. We will not be tracking any non-members in the system; the cards will remain in place. Our point of sales system just doesn’t have the processing power to track everyone. Sorry.

I should get more punches for higher priced bottles.

It’s not about who spends the most or what the bottles cost. It’s our way of thanking loyal and repeat customers who support our business by purchasing 99 bottles. If you don’t like the rules, that’s okay. Not everyone chooses to participate.

I should get more punches for bigger bottles.

Again, if you don’t like the rules, you don’t need to participate. We do our best to keep it fair, and it’s based on the theme of “99 bottles,” not dollars or bottle size.

I should get punches for gift cards, t-shirts, etc.

It’s called the 99 BOTTLES Club, not gift card club, t-shirt club, etc. The person coming in with the gift card is the one who will get punches for the bottles purchased with the card.

What’s the most cards completed by a person?

99. Yes, that’s 99 cards completed by one person, or 9,801 bottles. He’s earned a new liver.

How many members are there?

September 17, 2008: There are over 200 members in the 99 Bottles Club.
February 16, 2009: There are nearly 300 members!
January 18, 2010: There are 534 members!
November 17, 2010: There are 737 members!
July 2012: There are over 1100 members!
July 2013: There are over 1300 members!

What other benefits are under consideration?

Here are some ideas we’ve been kicking around: A plaque on the wall after completion of 10 punch cards. Cash sale discounts. A new limited-edition members-only t-shirt. Advance announcement and 24-hour holds on certain limited-release beers. Club members, tell us your ideas.