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99 Bottles® beer store is in the Seattle-Tacoma Puget Sound corridor; conveniently located 2 blocks West of I-5 Exit 142Beer in the Federal Way Crossings Center. The store is open Monday 12-8PM, Tuesday thru Saturday 10AM-8PM, and Sunday 12-5PM; see our contact page for special & holiday closures.

Over 1,200 Beers. We specialize in beer: Local craft beer, American microbrews, and world beer imports from Belgium, England, Germany, and more than 40 other countries. The store is set up so you can mix six packs. Packs are also available. 99 Bottles has the most diverse selection of beers in Washington State!

Growler Fills. Likely you’ve drank Mac & Jack’s and Manny’s at restaurants but have never found them in bottles. That’s because some breweries only put their beer in kegs. Keg-only, no more! Pick up a fresh-filled growler of your favorite draft beers at 99 Bottles. Eight choices available; keeps refrigerated 4–6 weeks before opening. Growler fills are available Monday thru Saturday open to 7:45 and Sunday open to 4:45.

Over 100 Ciders. Our cider selection includes alcoholic “hard” ciders and perrys made from fruit juice and hand-pressed fruits. Whether you like sweet, dry, or somewhere in between, 99 Bottles has a cider for you.

Tens of Meads. Pick up your drink of the Vikings, ancient Egyptians, and the gods at 99 Bottles. Mead is an ancient style of alcoholic beverage — similar to wine, but made with honey (not grapes). Raise a toast “from nature to culture.” Meads can be served cold, iced, warmed, spiced, or used as mixers with spirits or ciders.

Gifts for the Beer Lover. Looking for a gift for the beerlover in your life? Pick up 99 Bottles Gift Card and pair it with a beer for instant gratification. There’s also a wall of beer glasses to choose from, plus assorted beer t-shirts and bottle openers.

Note: Gift cards are no longer available after 31 July 2016 as the store will be closing later this year.

Preorder Kegs. Having a party or running out of beer in your kegerator? Order a keg to pickup at 99 Bottles. You’ve got over 1,000 choices: Import beers, craft beer and microbrews, American lagers, ciders, and root beer. Get order information and answers to your keg-related questions.

Thank you for shopping local. 99 Bottles is an independent beer store, family owned and operated. We are not a franchise nor are we affiliated with any corporate chains.

In the Seattle-Tacoma area? Stop by 99 Bottles in Federal Way, and shop 40 feet of head-to-toe cold beer. While you’re here, be sure to browse the center case displays as that’s often stocked full of limited and seasonal beers… and there’s plenty more delicious brews on the shelves. Looking for something different? Check out the cooler and shelves filled with hard ciders, or shop our mead selection.

Feeling overwhelmed? Help us help you. Tell us what beers (styles, brands) you drink, and we’ll provide recommendations of other beers that you’re likely to enjoy. If you’re buying for someone else, be sure to learn their favorite beers or preferred flavors — malty, sweet, fruity, hoppy, bitter, etc. — or we can quickly mix a six of assorted flavors and styles.

If you need a lot of beer for a party, you’re welcome to mix your cases, or advance-order full brewery packaged cases and kegs. ADVANCE ORDER ALL KEGS FOR THE WEEKEND BEFORE 3PM TUESDAY – click here for order info & price estimates. Kegs are subject to supplier availability. Due to limited space and huge variety, most beers at 99 Bottles are stocked a case at a time, so if you need a full case or multiple cases of a beer, order in advance so your brews will be set aside — just for you!

Discover delicious brew at 99 Bottles


Wine drinkers know their reds and whites; beer drinkers know their ales and lagers. With more than 130 different styles of ales and lagers in the world, there’s always new beer to discover at 99 Bottles.


Brewers are dedicated to crafting drinkable beers. Get to know the breweries, large and small, who make their brews available to you at 99 Bottles.


Breweries are all around the world, and 99 Bottles carries beer from about 50 different countries and beer from more than 30 Washington brewers. Browse our offered beers by country, region, or state.

Occasionals & Rarities

Breweries craft small-batch, rotating, and seasonal beers. Limited beers are highly sought-after by connoisseurs and come-and-go quickly at the store.